Are you looking for the perfect way to involve your guests and clients in corporate events and weddings, which will keep all of your guests engaged and entertained!
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Ring Roamer

Are you looking to start a Photobooth business but have a low budget? Are you a photobooth company that works but need new spices in your events?
Perfect for any type of event that already has photo booths, or new types of events such as festivals, sporting events and bar tours.

Two In One Booth

Lumia M

Our Lumia DIY Photobooth shell is durable, compact and lightweight.
In addition to an attractive design and unrivaled quality, it is also easy to install and decompose.
The Lumia is an exceptional model and due to its market appeal, it is recommended for photo booth rental companies, event planners, wedding planners and party rental companies. Unlike the large photo booth, this photobooth does the job with less volume and helps create good memories

iPad Photobooth

Helio V2

It is a highly portable stand that you can take anywhere and then use to do very professional work, even in demanding circumstances. In addition, the clean looks and cutting edge design make the Helio stand absolutely perfect for a newcomer to the industry who wants to turn heads and make an impression very quickly.


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